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AEM 5 Gallon Water/Methanol Injection Kit

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Product Description

WHAT IT DOES The AEM HD Water/Methanol Injection kit injects a mixture of water/methanol into the intake of a turbo diesel engine.  Injecting water/methanol allows users to safely run more boost and reduce EGTs in an economical way. This results in an increase in horsepower and torque at a fraction of the cost of multiple diesel performance add-on products such as propane injection, nitrous injection, intercooler upgrades, etc.  Make more power, reduce EGTs and emissions, and increase fuel economy with one easy to use system!

WHY YOU WANT ONE The AEM HD Water/Methanol Injection System comes loaded with more STANDARD features and high quality components that any other comparably priced injection system on the market today. The AEM HD Water/Methanol Injection Kit comes with a 5 gallon tank that includes a low level switch and built-in anti-slosh feature. The "Boost Safe" injection readiness system comes standard in all AEM Water/Methanol Injection Systems. A check valve that prevents unintended fluid flow is included standard. Two injectors and multiple interchangeable nozzles are included to cover a wide range of high torque/horsepower levels along with 20 feet of injection tubing to facilitate the system being installed on practically any vehicle.

Product Features:

  • 5 gallon tank with built in low level sensor and anti-slash feature.
  • Boost referenced progressive controller
  • "Boost Safe" readiness safety system
  • HD Kit includes two injectors and an assortment of nozzles to cover a wide range of high horsepower or high torque levels
  • High Pressure 200 psi Recirculation-style pump
  • Progressive Controller: Start Injection Boost 5-20 psi. Full Injection Boost 15-40 psi.
  • LED dash light for system status and low fluid warning.
  • 20 ft. of injection tubing
  • Tank Dimensions: 21" long x 8" wide x 9" tall (10" at cap)


Important Safety Notice Regarding Methanol:

AEM strongly recommends that users never exceed a 50% methanol concentration when using any AEM Water Methanol system or component. All AEM Water/Meth injection systems and components (pump, lines, fittings, filter, flow sensor, tank, and nozzles) are 100% chemically compatible with methanol. However, for safety reasons we strongly recommend that users never use more than a 50% methanol concentration in our systems. Methanol is a toxic and highly flammable chemical. 100% Methanol ignites easily and burns vigorously with an almost undetectable flame. Methanol can be absorbed through the skin and even x-small amounts can cause blindness or even death. Using this fluid at high pressures, without dilution, in an under-hood environment with nylon lines and push-to-connect fittings is very unsafe. The performance advantages of using greater than 50% methanol concentrations are x-small, if they exist at all. However, the safety issues are very real and far out weigh any perceived benefit of running high concentrations of methanol.
Improper installation and/or adjustment of this product can result in major engine/vehicle damage.


Note: AEM and Pampena Motorsports holds no responsibility for any engine damage or personal injury that results from the misuse of this product, including but not limited to injury or death caused by the mishandling of methanol.

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