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AEM Twin Fire Ignition 8 Channel

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Product Description

AEM’s 8 Channel digital multi-channel Twin-Fire Ignition is a multiple-spark twin-capacitive discharge ignition system. The Twin Fire ignition delivers full energy to the spark plug at engine speeds exceeding 10,000 RPM, regardless of the time between ignition events, ensuring that pressurized fuel mixtures are thoroughly ignited. Standard inductive ignition systems typically produce around 250 volts on the coil primary. The Twin Fire's capacitive discharge ignition (CDI) produces a fast, high energy pulse that is applied to the ignition coil that is over 500 volts. This higher primary voltage is what allows the Twin Fire to produce a much higher spark voltage. A typical ignition coil (1:100 turns ratio) with an inductive ignition will produce about 25,000 volts to the spark plug, but using the Twin Fire with the same coil will produce 50,000 volts or more at the spark plug.

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